Orkney beach

Leading the global food revolution

Walk into the control room of the feed barge on a Scottish salmon farm today and what will greet you is more space race than farming.

There will be an array of screens, some showing ever-changing figures and charts but many with live video footage from inside the pens.

There will be electronic microscopes to monitor plankton levels, digital thermometers for the water temperature and gauges showing the feed levels in the stores.

Cooke processing facility in Kirkwall, Orkney

Brexit: Time is of the essence

JUST consider these figures for a second: 911, 1,081 and 1,282.

If plotted on a graph, they would show a steep but steady rise of 40 per cent from the first figure to the last.

But what do they mean?

They represent the average amount of salmon exported to Europe through the Channel each week – in thousands of kilos - between October and Christmas.

New season Wester Ross salmon

Snail caviar, Scottish salmon and Boston Seafood 2019

Snail caviar: of all the strange and wonderful products on show at the Boston seafood expo, snail caviar has to be the most bizarre.

The stall promoting this extraordinary product was staffed by a woman from Maine with no backboards or fancy stand, just a few tins of this very expensive product and some leaflets. She was looking for distributors: I hope she found some. Anybody who takes the trouble to extract eggs one by one with a pair of tweezers deserves a break sometime.

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