All fish farmed by Scotland's salmon producers are humanely slaughtered at the point of harvest.

This means that 100% of Scottish salmon are stunned, either percussively or electrically, to render them fully unconscious prior to bleeding.

This is a process carried out by dedicated trained staff, who have access to emergency stunners should they be required. It means that fish can taken from the water, stunned, slaughtered and placed onto ice for transport in a matter of seconds.

All of Scotland's salmon farmers belong to animal welfare accreditation schemes including RSPCA Assured, ASC, GlobalGap and BAP, who undertake regular on-site assessments and audits - including ensuring that all humane slaughter protocols and standards are met or exceeded.

The Scottish salmon farming sector has an exemplary record with regard to humane slaughter and should not be considered alongside producers in other parts of the world who do not follow the same codes of good practice.

Scotland’s salmon farmers are committed to maintaining the highest health and welfare standards for their fish and to being world-leading to growing healthy, nutritious food in the most responsible and sustainable way.