SSPO Comment on Seafood Protest

Seafood businesses hit by post-Brexit export problems have held demonstrations in Westminster to protest about the severe disruption to exports of fresh fish following the introduction of the new border controls.
Scottish Salmon farmers support derogation calls

The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) supports the call today (14th January) by Seafood Scotland for a derogation of new exporting paperwork and administration in order to resolve the current problems getting seafood out of the UK and into EU markets.  The derogation

SSPO Admin 14/01/2021
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SSPO Statement on Seal Predation

The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) says that predation attacks by seals continue to have a significant impact on fish health and welfare.

SSPO Admin 14/01/2021
Scottish salmon killed in seal predation attack
Scotland’s seafood producers say more help is needed to resolve delays

The leaders of Scotland’s main seafood and food trade bodies have called on the UK Government to help resolve the delays to EU exports which are causing significant problems for the sector.

SSPO Admin 08/01/2021
Scottish salmon boxed for export
SSPO Comment on EU market delays

Tavish Scott, Chief Executive of Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO), said:

“Some problems have arisen in getting Scottish salmon to our important EU markets within 24 hours. 

SSPO Admin 07/01/2021
Scottish salmon on ice beside a sea loch
Scotland’s salmon farmers appeal for priority access to Channel crossings

Three days before the UK leaves the EU, Scotland’s salmon farmers, producers of the UK’s top food export, are demanding seafood consignments at the Channel crossings are given priority by the UK Government.

SSPO Admin 29/12/2020
Whole Scottish salmon on ice
Scottish Salmon on Brexit deal

The Brexit deal with the EU will mean increased costs and potential disruption to transport for the UK’s number 1 export industry says the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation.

SSPO Admin 24/12/2020
Salmon farm in Scottish Highland sea loch
Salmon farmers make urgent appeal for perishable goods to be prioritised as Channel re-opens

Scotland’s salmon farmers have today called for time-critical perishable seafood products to be given priority access to the re-opened Channel crossings. 

SSPO Admin 23/12/2020
Uist-based Scottish salmon farmer
Channel closure must be resolved to save post-Christmas trade

Scottish salmon farmers have said that lorries carrying fresh fish need to cross the Channel soon to have any chance of getting to customers after Christmas.

SSPO Admin 22/12/2020
Wayne Davis, Production Controller at Loch Duart
Scottish salmon farmers call on UK Government to take urgent steps over French border closure

The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) is calling for swift action by the UK Government to press for freight to France to resume in the face of huge losses in the busiest week of the year.

SSPO Admin 21/12/2020
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