Hamish Macdonell, Director of Strategic Engagement for SSPO, said:

“The critical focus is public health and protecting our workers as they continue to farm our salmon.  It is also important to maintain the supply of fresh salmon to UK consumers.  Advice from Government highlights key steps that must be taken to help ensure that companies can stay open.  Salmon farming companies are adapting their ways of working.

  • All workers who can work from home do so.  
  • Social distancing is imperative at every workplace from farms to processing.  This is more challenging and changes will be required.
  • Everyone working on farms and throughout the supply chain is being provided with appropriate safety and hygiene protection and guidance.
  • The SSPO is also recommending that companies draw up a full list of measures for everyone to adhere to.
  • All steps taken to protect workers must be demonstrable

“Ferries are extremely busy with freight, so salmon farming companies are being advised to keep in close communication with the ferry companies to manage the transportation of fish and workers. 

“The guidance is being updated daily but the sector is working hard to safeguard their workers and to keep the supply of fresh salmon reaching consumers.”

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