As the COVID-19 crisis escalates the Scottish salmon sector is working hard to mitigate impacts while ensuring the health and welfare of employees and their fish.

Hamish Macdonell, the Director of Strategic Engagement at the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation said:

“Measures to mitigate the impact of the crisis are being taken by all of our farmers with the health and welfare of employees being of paramount importance, so they can continue to offer the best care for their fish. 

“As is the case with the whole Scottish food and drink sector, Scottish salmon farmers are working hard with the supply chain to help keep supplies moving, minimise disruption and to continue to provide people with healthy, fresh produce.

“As part of the contingency measures now in place, we are in regular contact with ministers in the UK and Scottish governments and with regulators to ensure the sector is able to maintain the continuity of supply of fresh salmon to consumers at home and abroad."

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