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SSPO Call for Resumption of Seafood TaskForce

On 14th June 2021 the UK Government announced its intention to disband the Scottish Seafood Exports Taskforce, a combined UK and Scottish Government taskforce which was set up at the urging of the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO). The SSPO disagree with the decision, announced by…

Brexit bureaucracy and disruption costs Scottish salmon farmers £11 million

Bureaucracy, paperwork, delays and confusion arising from the post-Brexit trade arrangements with the EU have left Scottish salmon producers counting the cost. According to the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO), the trade body for the sector, Scotland’s salmon farmers have incurred…

SSPO Backs Call For Export Brexit Paperwork Derogation

The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) has announced it is supporting calls by Seafood Scotland for a derogation of new exporting paperwork and administration in order to resolve the current problems getting seafood out of the UK and into EU markets. The derogation would allow time…

The SSPO is the voice of Scottish farmed salmon, the UK’s biggest food export. We are a source of trusted information and represent our members’ interests in Scotland, across the UK and internationally...


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Mortality rates in Scottish salmon farming

As with all types of farming, Scottish salmon farmers can lose stock to health challenges, extremes of weather and predation.


Our farms, your safety

Our farms. Your Safety
Our beautiful Scottish waters are used for all types of leisure pursuits such as wild swimming, kayaking, sailing and…

Who are the Aquaculture Safety Group (ASG)?

The health and safety of all those working in Scottish Aquaculture is of paramount importance. That's why Scotland's salmon farmers are all…

Eating salmon helps protect brains from toxic air pollutants

New research published in the journal Neurology suggests that eating fish, like Scottish salmon, that are rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids…

Label Rouge Scottish salmon

In 1992, Scottish salmon was the first fish and first non-French product to be awarded the Label Rouge quality mark, the official…

Code of Good Practice for responsible salmon farming

Salmon farming is at the heart of Scottish food production and is one of Scotland’s most important rural sectors.

Producing high…


Ever wondered why the flesh of Salmon is pink or how many are exported to Japan each year?

No, farmed Scottish salmon do not spawn. Scottish salmon raised for food production are humanely harvested before they reach sexual maturity or…

The Scottish salmon farming sector no longer uses acoustic deterrent devices (ADDs) that may have been considered to cause disturbance to…

No, Scottish salmon farming is not depleting the oceans of wild fish stocks. Scottish salmon farmers are committed to ensuring that ingredients…

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